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Children Extensive Support Waiver

Ph: 303-866-7450

Children's HCBS Waiver

Ph: 303-692-2000
Ph: 800-886-7689

Children's Habilitation Residential Program Waiver

Ph: 303-692-2000
Ph: 800-886-7689

Colorado Medicaid Customer Service

Ph: 800-221-3943

Comprehensive Services Waiver

Ph: 303-866-7450

Elderly, Blind & Disabled Waiver

Ph: 303-692-2000
Ph: 800-886-7689

Family Health Line Information about various programs

Ph: 800-688-7777

Fight against Medicaid Cuts


All medicaid clients not enrolled in an HMO
Ph: 800-283-3221

Larimer County Department of Human Services

1501 Blue Spruce Drive
Fort Collins, CO 80524
Ph: 970-498-6364

Medicaid Advocate

Kim Walkenhorst
Ph: 970-498-6755
Supported Living Services Waiver
Ph: 303-866-7450

Traumatic Brain Injury Waiver

Ph: 303-692-2000
Ph: 800-886-7689

Medicaid Explained

Medicaid is a means tested program which means it requires participants to have an income level at or below a certain level - federal poverty level (FPL). SSI is the same but has a higher income threshold because it also requires the applicant have a disability. It pays a small monthly cash benefit and it qualifies the participant to get Medicaid. The Medicaid waivers waive Medicaid rules (most notably family income/resources) so their child can get needed medical services and the family doesn't break up and go broke in the process. The Children's HCBS waiver supplies the child with the same medical services as basic (state plan) Medicaid based on the significance of the child's needs. The CES waiver supplies the same services as HCBS but also comes with additional money (a statewide average of $14,900) to pay for medically necessary services that Medicaid doesn't cover.
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